Cross-Chain Bridges to BNB Chain, Ethereum Easier for World Mobile Token
August 3, 2023

Cross-Chain Bridges to BNB Chain, Ethereum Easier for World Mobile Token



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World Mobile, the blockchain company with a mission to connect users through mobile data solutions, has announced the creation of dedicated cross-chain bridges to both BNB Chain and Ethereum.

World Mobile’s multichain strategy looks to provide a secure and convenient way for users to move World Mobile Token (WMT) between Cardano, BNB Chain and Ethereum:

“By introducing WMT to existing users of BNB Chain and Ethereum, World Mobile will enable more people to tap into its mobile data solution and reap the rewards. The initiative will also increase liquidity for WMT, making it easier for users to efficiently enter and exit positions.”

The integration with BNB Chain and Ethereum will be incorporated into World Mobile’s sidechain AyA, an essential component in providing EarthNode operators increased flexibility. This decision follows World Mobile’s partnership with Conflux Network, China’s regulatory-compliant public blockchain.

By adding BNB Chain and Ethereum to its cross-chain destinations, World Mobile is targeting their speed, scalability and high number of active users, as, for example, BNB Chain recently surpassed two million daily active users.

The introduction of WMT to existing users of BNB Chain and Ethereum also aims to increase liquidity for the token and make it more accessible to more people. As World Mobile looks to create a more inclusive mobile ecosystem, it would further connect with users everywhere.

World Mobile’s head of token, Zachary Vann, expressed the company’s commitment to the initiative, emphasizing the interoperability and liquidity enhancement that these bridges will bring to WMT and the growth they’ll support for the AyA sidechain:

“This is a significant step forward for our multi-chain strategy, as it will enable our token to access the rich and diverse ecosystems on both chains.”

Founded with an aspiration to provide affordable and accessible mobile connectivity, World Mobile is set to onboard more users and create more value within its sharing economy.

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