Fireblocks, Astar Network Pair Up to Drive Institutional Crypto Access
July 28, 2023

Fireblocks, Astar Network Pair Up to Drive Institutional Crypto Access



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Fireblocks, an institutional-grade platform for adopting digital assets, has partnered with Astar Network, a platform compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly (Wasm). Through this partnership, digital assets and DeFi could open up to more than 650 banking and institutional entities worldwide.

With Fireblocks, institutional investors such as banks, hedge funds, exchanges, and OTC traders can access and manage their digital assets on Astar. The partnership also allows these institutions to employ Fireblocks’ multiparty computation technology-based wallet infrastructure for reaching Astar’s assets, including the top-rated Astar-based DeFi protocol, ArthSwap.

“Fireblocks has always focused on facilitating institutional adoption in the digital assets industry,” commented Stephen Richardson, managing director, financial markets and head of APAC of Fireblocks.

Astar’s interoperability lets users engage with DApps on both Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems. The Fireblocks integration will allow institutional investors keen on adding digital assets to their portfolios to access functionalities like trading, swaps and digital assets lending on the Astar platform:

“Its multiparty computation technology has earned it clients from traditional finance, such as BNY Mellon, ANZ Bank and NAB, as well as Japanese trading platforms, including CoinTrade.”

Maarten Henskens, CEO of Astar Foundation, remarked, “We’re looking forward to leveraging this integration to enhance adoption while giving institutions looking to build on Astar a secure and robust way to safeguard their digital assets.”

The partnership was celebrated at the WebX event in Tokyo, where over 200 attendees, including VCs and Web3 founders, were present.

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