Web Accessible And Self-Custodial Mutiny Wallet Launches Open Beta
July 14, 2023

Web Accessible And Self-Custodial Mutiny Wallet Launches Open Beta



Mutiny Wallet, the first self-custodial Lightning wallet that operates on the web, has officially launched its open beta. According to the release announcement, the wallet aims to solve the onboarding challenge for Bitcoin users worldwide by providing accessibility regardless of location or device. The announcement described the wallet’s mission of catering to the five billion global internet users with web browser access by offering complete control of funds and eliminating the need for identity verification. Additionally, the wallet is aimed at introducing unique features that have been restricted by stringent App Store requirements in other Bitcoin wallets.

The first highlighted feature of Mutiny Wallet is its integration of Lightning, a Layer 2 scaling solution built on Bitcoin. The wallet leverages Block’s Lightning Development Kit (LDK) project, allowing developers to customize various aspects of the Lightning stack. To facilitate user liquidity management, Mutiny Wallet has partnered with Voltage and their Flow 2.0 product, enabling new users to receive their first Lightning payment within seconds of opening the application.

Furthermore, Mutiny Wallet has introduced separate balances for Lightning channel funds and on-chain spending, aiming for unified balances in the future. The wallet also emphasizes the importance of backups and introduces encrypted and remote storage for restoring Lightning-related data. Users are encouraged to provide feedback during the open beta phase, as the announcement said the team is dedicated to addressing bugs and swiftly implementing new features.

Mutiny Wallet also provides support for Nostr Wallet Connections, a tipping feature for Nostr, a protocol enabling decentralized social media. In addition, Mutiny also intends to introduce subscriptions, offering a pull-based subscription feature built on Nostr Wallet Connect. They offer an example of this in their own subscription, Mutiny+. While Mutiny+ currently provides limited perks according to the announcement, additional paid-only features are planned for the future.

Despite the wallet’s progress, some caution is advised due to potential issues, such as payment reliability and force-closes on Lightning channels. The team acknowledged the complexity of Lightning and urged users to avoid loading large sums of funds during the beta phase.

Mutiny Wallet extended its gratitude to the contributors who have aided in its development, including individuals who provided design, frontend and translation support, as well as the teams behind BDK and LDK for their core technology. Users are encouraged to test the wallet and provide feedback to help shape its future development and enhance its usability.


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