ZEBEDEE And Beamable Partner To Simplify Bitcoin Integration In Gaming
July 8, 2023

ZEBEDEE And Beamable Partner To Simplify Bitcoin Integration In Gaming



ZEBEDEE, a FinTech and payments processor, has partnered with Beamable to simplify the integration of bitcoin transactions into gaming. This collaboration aims to remove the need for a server or systems operations team, making it easier for developers to add server-side features to games while ensuring superior security. Beamable’s platform enables game developers to integrate server-side features without extensive resources or knowledge, effortlessly importing a framework into client-side game code.

The partnership offers significant benefits for developers by reducing complexity and overhead, lowering the barrier to entry and making it more cost-effective to add complex and secure server-side bitcoin features. The integration of Beamable with ZEBEDEE’s API adds an additional layer of security by keeping sensitive information separate from the client-side of the game.

André Neves, co-founder and CTO of ZEBEDEE, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We’re thrilled that developers can now easily implement server-side features without the knowledge of server-side coding, enabling them to effortlessly add bitcoin transactions to their games.” Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable, emphasized his excitement, stating, “ZEBEDEE and Beamable are perfectly aligned in our goals to make the implementation of in-game transactions easier than ever, with a particular emphasis on client-side developers.”

The partnership not only simplifies the integration of bitcoin transactions but also expands the resources available to developers. Beamable will be available in ZEBEDEE’s marketplace, while ZEBEDEE’s solution will be accessible in Beamable’s marketplace. This symbiotic relationship allows game developers from both communities to seamlessly incorporate bitcoin transactions and server-side features into their games, streamlining the game development process.

To learn more about ZEBEDEE and try the platform, interested individuals can visit zebedee.io. This collaboration between ZEBEDEE and Beamable represents a significant step forward in simplifying bitcoin transaction integration in game development, providing developers with enhanced accessibility and security.


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