Argentina’s Bitcoin Community Created The World’s Largest Human Bitcoin Logo
June 13, 2023

Argentina’s Bitcoin Community Created The World’s Largest Human Bitcoin Logo



Last Saturday, over 500 people gathered in the Argentine Polo Field to create the largest human ₿ in the world in celebration of the 10th anniversary of NGO Bitcoin Argentina. The event aimed to showcase the technology’s ability to mobilize people in defense of monetary freedom, privacy, and other values of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The human ₿, sitting at a massive 40 meters, became the world’s largest bitcoin symbol. Jimena Vallone, director of Bitcoin Argentina, expressed hopes that this would be the first of many attempts to break the record.

Photo credits: @BitcoinAR

The event was captured by drones, documenting the scale of the gathering both day and night. Attendees also enjoyed activities such as a Kahoot game, with winners receiving 212,121 satoshis.

The event aimed to highlight the advantages of Bitcoin as an alternative currency for Argentine citizens, particularly in light of traditional monetary models’ shortcomings. Media player Carlos Maslatón emphasized that Bitcoin was not subject to permission or state recognition, making it an accessible and innovative currency.

The event attracted attendees of all ages, each with their own motivations, including concerns about inflation, privacy, and desired changes in government models. The organizer stressed that the event was not focused solely on Argentina but aimed to send a message to the world in defense of the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s values. The orange umbrellas used in the formation of the human ₿ symbol represented Bitcoin’s role as protection against inflation and the global financial crisis.

Rodolfo Andragnes, founder of the NGO, expressed the need to defend the values of Bitcoin and announced upcoming events, including the ‘B•Arte Award’ and the LABITCONF conference, which would continue to promote action, intervention and revolution in different ways. The success of the event was attributed to the support of various communities and companies in the Bitcoin space. The organizers expressed gratitude to all participants and hoped that the event would inspire other communities worldwide. They also shared the event’s photos and videos under a Creative Commons license for media and the ecosystem to use in illustrating their content.


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