Voltage Partners With Google Cloud To Expand Lightning Network Solutions Globally
June 2, 2023

Voltage Partners With Google Cloud To Expand Lightning Network Solutions Globally



Voltage, a Lightning as a Service (LaaS) provider, has partnered with Google Cloud to expand its hosting capabilities and locations, enabling customers to create Bitcoin and Lightning Nodes globally. According to an announcement by Google Cloud, the collaboration will allow enterprises to leverage the Lightning Network’s real-time payment settlement with near-zero fees, revolutionizing money transfers and creating new business models.

Voltage stated in the announcement that their solution helps enterprises overcome three key challenges. First, they cited the ability to facilitate money transfers over the Lightning Network, offering a cost-effective alternative for financial and fintech companies. Second, by adopting the interoperable Lightning Network standard, Voltage described how businesses can reach a global customer base. Lastly, Voltage highlighted how it enables microtransactions, which have been difficult to implement with traditional payment methods, but can enhance customer retention, decrease acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value.

By utilizing Google Cloud’s vast network infrastructure, Voltage said it can address user needs more efficiently. The announcement described the partnership’s several benefits, including the ability to serve a global audience across various regions, initial operations in Iowa, the Netherlands and Singapore as well as deployments on a leading cloud platform with superior availability and networking. Moreover, the announcement explained how running Bitcoin infrastructure alongside existing workloads becomes seamless with the assistance of Google Cloud’s resources.

Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting Bitcoin showcases its dedication to advancing this technology and bringing it to a wider audience. The company’s expertise in cloud-native technologies, like Kubernetes, also provides Voltage with the scalability required to meet enterprise adoption requirements.

As Voltage expands its services through the collaboration with Google Cloud, enterprises in the financial and fintech sectors will be able to leverage the Lightning Network’s capabilities to streamline their payment processes, reduce costs and explore new business opportunities.


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