First Free Spacebrat NFT Minted Over 300,000 Times Across Several Blockchains
May 15, 2023

First Free Spacebrat NFT Minted Over 300,000 Times Across Several Blockchains



Jasmine Monsegue, also known as the artist Spacebrat, released her first free NFT called “Gleam” through an open edition mint, and its popularity exceeded her expectations.

“[I] cannot believe planet Earth minted my first NFT 30,762 times in the last 23 hours,” she cheered on Twitter. “You guys are on another level!”

But that was only halfway through the mint’s 48-hour window. In total, a protocol called Holograph provided fans the capability to mint the NFT over 300,000 times across several chains, and the lion’s share of collectors claimed their token on Polygon.

Created by CXIP Labs, the protocol takes a multi-chain approach toward art and digital collectibles, yielding assets “that exist as single instances across multiple execution environments,” according to the protocol’s website.

Users can then bridge the NFTs—unique digital tokens that signify ownership of an item, often digital art—across several chains. It currently supports Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Polygon.

Monsegue’a work has been featured in Vogue and Hypebeast. The piece featured in the NFT mint, “Gleam,” was previously exhibited at WHAAM!, an art gallery in New York, for her solo show, “Pipe Dream.”

The artist has also designed murals for Virgil Abloh’s OFF WHITE and done commissioned work for Drake, Holograph said in a press release. Her collaboration with Holograph marks her first foray into the Web3 space.

The NFT is currently available on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, but each chain has its own dedicated page, whether that’s for Ethereum-based versions of “Gleam” or those that exist on Polygon.

It was originally available for free during the two-day window through Holograph’s website, where collectors could choose which chain to mint their collectible on. But they still had to pay costs associated with transactions, also known as gas fees.

Of the 301,798 times “Gleam” was minted, the NFT was minted around 203,000 times on Polygon, the Ethereum scaling solution, a spokesperson for Holograph told Decrypt, citing a Dune query.

That was significantly more than versions of “Gleam” minted on Avalanche or BNB Chain, which totaled around 53,000 and 46,000, respectively. On Ethereum, the collectible was minted just 82 times.

However, the total number of unique wallets that participated in the open-edition mint was around 164,000, the spokesperson said, referencing another Dune query. One wallet minted “Gleam” a total of 1,241 times, while at least 50 other wallets minted “Gleam” in excess of 100 times.

Holograph’s first collaboration in April, which was also an open edition mint, showcased Dan Witz’s “Mosh Pit 2000,” and was available for minting at $45, and collected 444 times. Comparably, Spacebrat’s “Gleam” gained notably more traction.

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