North Carolina County Enacts One-Year Ban On Commercial Bitcoin Mining, But Not Without Pushback
May 8, 2023

North Carolina County Enacts One-Year Ban On Commercial Bitcoin Mining, But Not Without Pushback



As first covered in Bitcoin Magazine on April 6, Buncombe County, North Carolina proposed a one-year moratorium on bitcoin mining and held a public hearing on May 2.

The text of the proposal stated that the moratorium, if approved, would go into effect the same day as the hearing, so it was readily apparent that the County Commission was simply following procedure when taking comments from the public.

Unlike other moratoriums in the state where no objections were voiced, people throughout the region spoke out in opposition. State associations and local Bitcoiners came together in a collaborative effort to speak to various concerns about the one-year ban on commercial bitcoin mines. 

Comments in support of Bitcoin ranged from safeguarding financial freedom, strengthening the grid through demand response programs, investment and use of sustainable energy, protecting first amendment rights, encouraging innovation and more.

There were three people in attendance that expressed their approval of the ban, citing concerns about noise and a desire to conserve energy usage in order to meet Governor Roy Cooper’s climate goals.

The moratorium passed unanimously.

From the Buncombe County website:

“The Buncombe County Board of Commissioners is moving forward with a moratorium on cryptocurrency mining. Commissioners approved the one-year ban after holding a public hearing during their meeting on May 2. The County’s current ordinances do not define cryptocurrency mining as a specific use. Cryptocurrency mining operations can negatively affect surrounding neighborhoods due to excessive energy use, e-waste, pollution, and noise. The temporary pause will help protect the public interest until regulations regarding cryptocurrency mining are adopted. The one-year ban is effective immediately through May 1, 2024.”

Bitcoiners throughout the region spoke out in opposition to the moratorium on bitcoin mining.


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